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[09.20.04 @ 05:18pm]
ive changed my mind.... im not gonna use this journal that much for entries... i might use it to post in communities but thats about it folks. if you wanna hear about my boring sucky life add me and comment on my journal gravity_heal_me.
thanks later.
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[09.17.04 @ 01:05pm]

1) Take your LJ username and replace each letter with the corresponding number (A=1, B=2, etc.).: m=13 e=5 n=14 o=15 n=14 l=12 y=25 m=13 e=5

2) Add all of the numbers together to create a kind of super number.:116

3) Make a note of the first digit of this number, then add the digits of the number together.: 8

4) Find the post of this number in your LJ. If you don't have that many posts, add the digits together again. Keep doing so until the number is smaller than your pathetic number of posts: Feburary 23, 2004 5) Take the digit you noted in step 3, and count that many words into the post.

6) Use the resulting word in a Google Image Search, and select a picture from the first page. my word was "fact"

7) Post the results for us all to see.:


[09.12.04 @ 06:54pm]

ok heres the scoops kids...

this journal will be half friends only.. whenever i feel like it...
cause i made this new journal for my creativeness
so dont get shocked if you see a public entry here..

the name is coinage

add me first. i dont wanna go through hassel stuff
oh and if you're active that would be nice.


friends only..repeat [08.22.04 @ 09:02pm]

even though everyone should know that this journal is friends only i deleted that post where i had the friends only banner because i found another one i liked so yea friends only.

Friends Only

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mwahahahaha i stole this from danas journal. [08.16.04 @ 11:46pm]
[ mood | scared ]

fill it out dumbCollapse )

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and the colder grows your heart, [07.21.04 @ 09:54pm]

I LOVE YOUCollapse )


[07.20.04 @ 11:50am]
[ mood | content ]

Music is a diseaseCollapse )


She said now stop that jivin' and whip oput ur big ten inch,,,,, [07.20.04 @ 01:12am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

...I Just <3 his Big Ten Inch....Collapse )


[07.14.04 @ 01:23am]

Surveys have taken over meCollapse )


[06.14.04 @ 05:34pm]

yea..... so this weekend was ok i guess and i took the social studies final today which was fine wasnt too hard and not too easy but whatever one down and three to go... and i came home and i was thinking about photography next year and i was thinking i need my own digital camera! my mom said i can get one if i pay for it and idc i want one and this might be the one im getting but im not sure so yea thats my life ill shut up now later....


[06.12.04 @ 11:46am]
[ mood | nervous ]

wow i havent updated in a bit but hey i do have other things in my life then type a journal entry every day but ill proly be updating more frequently starting next friday because thats my last day of testing cause i have a ss final monday a spanish final tuesday and a the math A regents wednesday eep im gonna do horrible and then thursday i have a break THANK GOD and then on friday i have the earth science regents then its all over oh god im praying that i do well but i just hope my sisters gonna be okk because she graduation mepham this year and shes really upset everytime i see her she likes like shes gonna burst into tears and i dont blame her ill proly be the same way....well anyway my last day was intresting jackie and asma cut english and were taking pictures of someone DONT ASK i have a pet rock! lol i know thats stupid but vitale gave up these good luck rocks for some reason but whatever and i got a 95 on that english prject so my 5th quater average is about an 86 and my science average in a 84 which im glad cause i thouight i was gonna do much worse... well im gonna go jackie might be coming over later to have a study / swimming seccion haha later


[06.06.04 @ 12:50pm]
[ mood | loved ]

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i made this really lonnnng entry about the past two days and then there was a glitch in the power and now its all gone and i really hate when that happens! well friday sucked because gina ruined it and i hate her and i hope she dies... and eysterday was awesome i saw a day after tomorrow and had my awesome party at jillians and id like to thank my parents so much i had the best brithday ever this year and thanks dana and colleen for the presents and jackie whenever i recieve ur gift lol well my birthday celebration is finally over....i love you forever and i wish what my friends are saying is true..

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[06.02.04 @ 05:57pm]
yea last night i went to the art show and i have some stuff woo! and my sisters stuff was awesome i had an ok time i guess....jackie knows why it wasnt better i dont wanna talk about that anyway today was ok i was exhausted tho considering i only got 6 hours of sleep last night true me thats not alot for me considering im still tired when i get eight.the reason i didnt get mcuh sleep was cause i was up all night finishing that friggen english final thing that was due today fianlly its over with!i bought a aposiopesis shirt for 6 dollars today which is huge but i dont care today he made me considering if what jackie said was really true with what happened after 4th period/ during lunch. awww hes so cute anyway in english workshop we watched finding forester i basically feel asleep the whole period i was so tired.... then i had to walk home and watched family guy and then i layed down on my bed around 330 i think and feel asleep and woke up around 540 i really am glad i got to sleep i was really tired.....oh and one more thig jackies gonna be away almost the whole summer!!!!!!!!!! what am i gonna do without her? nooooooooooo im gonna miss her soo much when shes in florida! and and my birthdays in 2days!!!!
im gonna go.....place .....later man

[06.01.04 @ 04:49pm]
tonights Aposiopesis....Spring Arts 2004 and its gonna be cool! ive got two things hanging and thats good ebcause considering no alot of people get stuff up. And my sister is runnign the whole thing and shes got 4 panels for all her artwork which is amazing congrats claire! oh and its all this week in school so if u cant make it tonight check it out during the day...ok ill shut up now but before i do my birthdays in 3 days!!!!!buy me something!

[05.29.04 @ 11:19am]
[ mood | cold ]

woa when was the last time i updated? well next week is my birthday and i cant wait its gonna be fun! Happy birthday dana i hope you had fun! Jackie isin boston this weekend and i wish she was here but oh welll.....anyway my week was ok and in a way im sad that the year is ending because people i dont see outside of school im gonna miss you alot....well im out comment if you like...


[05.24.04 @ 04:32pm]
i cant remember the last time i was this happy i cant wait to see ducky tomorrow and if u want to know why im so happy let me know and ill tell you.... i swear im gonna start thinking more postive of myself because saturday was WAY to hard on me cause ive never been so upset i could barely talk without almost crying and i hope thats over i cant seem to get this smile off my face i love you so much anyway mine and jackies play is coming along and i hope everything goes with her and john...ok im gonna go ill update more later....

[05.23.04 @ 12:40pm]
hey people eysterday proly the worst day ive had in a long time but colleen wanted me to go to friendlys with her and dana to cheer myself up but i didnt eat much cause i was just so upset over everything....i just keep thinking about it and i cant stop and im sorry to all of my friends if im making their lives suck cause im so low right now but i just cant help it...today im feeling a little better which is good i hate when i get that low on myself it sucks oh well tomorrow i cant wait to see jackie so i can read parts of the play we started its so cute i hope some of those things come true.... like the 711 thing lol 12 days till my birthday if you wanna be nice you could get me something im not sure what im doing yet tho

[05.22.04 @ 09:54pm]
[ mood | restless ]

i was really bored because im home while everys out cause im a dork like that so if u care read it / comment otherwise leave me the fuck alone

The Generic Teenager Stereotype
Do you drink [alcohol]?:no
Do you party a lot? How often?:not really cause i have no friends lol
Do you use drugs for recreational purposes?:no
How often do you use the word like in an average hour?:only if its need as in a similie of somesort
Do you skip classes? How often?:no
Do you have casual sex? Protected?:shut up
Do you steal?:no
Do you wear inappropriate clothing?:no
Do you drool over celebrities?:hell no theres no way ull ever meet them losers
Do you watch a lot of TV?:yes
Do you ever watch the News?:no
Do you even care about world issues?:i guess because when its gonna be my life when im older
Do you read books often?:no lol
Are you failing a lot of your classes?:nope im doing pretty well
Do you spend most of your time with your friends?:yes or alone
Do you smoke cigarettes?:no
Do you hang out a lot in malls, or at Seven Elevens?:sometimes yea
Do you often find yourself with a crush on someone?:yea
Do you cuss a lot?:no well a little
Are you desperate to fit in?:hell no
Are you intelligent?:im not a genius but im smart i guess
The Goth Stereotype
Black lipstick?:no
Black eyeliner?:no
Black eyeshadow?:no
Black trenchcoat?:no
Black boots?:no
Black fishnets?:no
Black nail polish?:no
Heavy metal music?:yes
Marilyn Manson?:yes
Cradle of Filth?:no
Constant frown and perpetual angst?:yes
Do you like to be seen as:i dont really care what people think of me
Are you an intellectual?:yes i guess
An atheist?:yea...kinda
Horrible home life?:no
Hopelessly depressed?:sometimes i guess
Suffering with suicidal idealations?:no
The Punk Stereotype
Big black boots?:no
Excessive piercings? [Especially facial]:no
Loud, confident and opinionated?:yes
Wild hair colors?:no
Well versed on political scandals and outrages?:not really
The Jock Sterotype
What's your IQ?:how the hell would i know
Do you watch a lot of sports?:no
Play a lot of sports?:no
Talk a lot about sports?:no
Do you do anything, really, but think about sports?:no
Are you arrogant?:no
Are you a male or female whore?:uh shut up
Are you homophobic?:go away
Do you tease other people a lot because you want to seem confident?:im not confident and noq
But really you're a quivering mass of insecurity?:shut up
Boobs = yes?:not really
Parties = yes?:no
Dropping out of high school and flipping burgers = yes?:no
The Girl Stereotype
Do you spend a lot of time on your appearence?:no
Have you ever been on a diet?:not really
How much did you lose?:see previous answer
Was it not so much a diet as it was an eating disorder?:.......
Make yourself throw up?:NO
Make-up?:if im in the mood
Low-cut tops?:no
How big are your boobies? [Cup size]:shut up
Do you flip your hair when you talk, even if you don't realize it?:no
Giggle a lot?:no
What's the deal with boys?:there cute but its rediculous how people are so obsessed in this world
Pretty bras?:no
YM, Teen, Cosmo, et al?:not really
Who's the weaker sex?:i dont really care
Are you a feminist?:not entirely
Do you think Brad Pitt is hot?:no
How often do you shave your legs?:almost every day
How about your armpits?:same
Are you emotional?:yea kinda....well it depends
Especially when on your period?:fuck you
This Or That [Oh, that old coconut.]
Originality or Acceptance?:originality
Independence or Companionship?:companionship
Stability or Freedom?:idk
Personal or Interpersonal?:personal
Introvert or Extrovert?:....
Popularity or Isolation?:i guess neither
Unique or Loved?:loved
Understood or Individual?:understood
You or Them?:them

How Stereotypical You Are... brought to you by BZOINK!

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